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Offside Solutions provide low cost IT + web support and development solutions to home users and small business. With 25 years' experience of software support and development for PC and Mac systems, we have the knowledge, skills and experience to provide our customers with advice, practical assistance and solutions designed to meet your needs.

Get Offside now if you need:-

We are so confident in our ability to provide a custom desktop application, content-managed or database-driven website, or Outlook/Excel automation solution that you will love, that we offer our development services on a £5/hour trial basis.

Following an initial consultation of your requirements we will assess the estimated time to complete the solution. As long as this is a maximum of 10 hours' development time, we will provide your solution at a 2-week trial cost of £5/hour. If you then decide to keep our product, the full price (charged at £30/hour) will then be payable. Note that all trial solutions will be coded such that they will not function beyond the trial period and will require live activation, which is provided on receipt of the full solution price.

If you have a development requirement, in a lot of cases there will be other companies looking for something similar. Where we will feel there is a market, Offside creates a packaged solution and takes it to market. With this model we can keep our Custom Development costs extremely low.

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